Concept Design

At LDC we have a dedicated design team working exclusively with the brand owner to develop the concept, packaging, scent and marketing that exactly fits the brand image and target market segment.  When taking on a brand, LDC will spend time with the brand’s management fully understanding the brand’s ethos and DNA, the message the brand wishes to communicate, and the audience it wants to reach.  From this initial concept everything else flows, the design, scent, visuals, choice of retailer, price points and marketing campaign.

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Fragrance Development

LDC works with the best fragrance developers and manufacturers in the world, being winners of many fragrance awards in the past and shortlisted for several awards in 2020.  LDC invest heavily in the fragrance, as this is what gives longevity to the brand – a winning scent will sell for ever, and this is how the SJP Lovely fragrance is now seen as a true classic.

When creating the Ignacio Figueras collection, Carlos Benaim of IFF, a celebrity in his own right in the perfume world, developed the fragrance to reflect Nacho’s core values which are family, charity, style and the equestrian world.  The collection has been shortlisted for the Fragrance Foundation awards in New York this autumn.

LDC is strongly associated with the 3 major fragrance developers, IFF, Firmenich and Tagasako.

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LDC uses globally accredited and recognised manufacturers in the UK and USA to produce its fragrances, employing high quality controls and checks to ensure only the best products are put on shelf.  Demand planning and stock controls are managed daily to ensure products is on shelf and the right time, and products are traced and coded to ensure they are sold in the right places.

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Global Sales & Distribution

Through their global team either direct or through trusted partners, LDC reaches most major markets, with distribution in the UK for Europe, USA for the Americas and Australia for Australasia.  A new hub is being developed in the UAE for the MEA market, and Asia is being explored as part of our development plan.

All retailers are served through strong account management, just in time deliveries and point of sale marketing and sales.

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