The Lovely Distribution Company

In 2015, after many years in the Beauty category which includes ownership of a successful Beauty Products trading company, founders Charles Rodney Mathers & Andre Frenkel created The Lovely Distribution Company.

Our mission is to identify and bring to life the unique identity of a brand and provide access for the consumer in brand aligned locations globally.

  • LDC is a boutique company comprised of highly experienced teams with great industry relationships

  • LDC is nimble, client connected and quickly reacts to brand needs

  • LDC is flexible, curious and open-minded in strategy development

  • LDC is faster to market with 6-8 month turnaround time vs traditional players’ 18-24 months process

  • LDC works one on one with clients to fully understand the brand ethos, messaging and audience

  • LDC is selective in choosing brand partners that have a passion for the beauty category

  • LDC has global distribution partners, works with the top 3 fragrance houses and leading manufacturers

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